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Far North Queensland, Australia
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Photography - catalog, galleries, photo-tours, photo-essays

My Rainforest Photo Catalogue -
2,500+ images from the tropical rainforests of North Queensland. Mostly plants, but also cassowaries, other birds, insects, spiders, fungi, ecosystems. In alphabetical order of Scientific Name.    Index
My Gallery
- a selection of my best large format images (1,280 x 1,024 pixels).
Photo tour
of the enchanting orchid forests in the wet tropics

Chakoro Nature Reserve
- take the photo-tour of this tropical rainforest wetland, now protected by Nature Refuge status.
Life Cycle of Mackinlaya confusa in the tropical rainforest,
including photos and video of a Cassowary eating Mackinlaya fruits.
Pandanus species of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia
- photos and taxonomic information

Pneumatophores on Pandanus solms-laubachii
- 'air roots' are normally associated with mangrove species
The unusual life-cycle of the Ant-house Plant, Myrmecodia beccarii
- A plant which depends on a host tree, a bird, ants and butterfly larvae

The life-cycle of Coastal Canthium
- A tree which is eaten by insects, absorbed by fungi, provides a place in the sun for lichens and butterflies, provides shelter to protective mites, and foraging space for ants, assassin bugs and spiders, while feeding butterflies, bees and birds.
The life-cycle of the Alexandra Palm, Archontophoenix alexandrae
- a specialist in surviving on the banks of rainforest streams that are subject to flash flooding.
My video channel on YouTube
- mostly Cassowary videos.

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Energy Topics

Peak Oil
- All my energy stuff collected under one heading.
Peak Oil Australia : charts, tables, analysis of fossil fuels, alternatives

Environmental causes

Aurukun Bauxite Mine
- background information on the strip-mining of pristine wild river catchments of Cape York.
Abbot Point
- background information on the proposed coal export port expansion
Lot 415 Kurrimine
- application to clear critical cassowary habitat to grow cocoa and pepper

The Utchee Creek Rainbowfish
- application to list as endangered species

Misty Mountain Trails
- the only new walking track in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area that reduces the track length by 11 kilometers.
Friends of Boat Bay
- website showing the environmental values of this tropical jewel.
Purari River (PNG) hydro project
- background information on the hydro project on this truly wild river.
Cassowary Issues Paper
- download this briefing paper for politicians on Cassowary management issues.

Kozin: Cold War 2.0 - a frightening analysis by a Russian Military adviser to Putin

"The Blue Pill People" by Hari Heath

Dave Kimble on Peter Garrett

Osama bin Laden's speech - find out what he actually says (you won't find this anywhere in the mainstream media)

"Venezuela's Threat" by Gary Olson

"The CIA - a terrorist organisation" by Claudia Nelson

Humour - not my own !
The story of the Dog and the Cat

Monty Python's "The Argument Clinic" Sketch

Monty Python's "Vocational Guidance Counsellor" sketch

Monty Python's "Burying the cat" sketch

Monty Python's "Fish Licence" sketch

"when men were men, ..." - the CORRECT quote from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” ,
probably the most misquoted quote in the entire history of the Universe.

The Total Perspective Vortex
from "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
The Management Consultant's Finance Committee
from "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
The Permaculture Peoples Party of Judea


Odds and ends
Internet privacy: how to set up a VPN service and stop being spied on

Rainforest climate change maps since the post-glacial

Hurricanes are on the increase - US Atlantic hurricane history and trends

How the oldest tree in the world was cut down by mistake

Amethystine Python eating a kangaroo, also a 35 Kg goat

Utchee Creek aboriginal stone artifacts

Mission Beach Advertiser - Articles published

Greenhouse gas factors

Malthus on food production being arithmetic growth

"I dream of Tully where the air's so clean" - NOT !

Quotations - wisdom collected along the way

They're made of meat by Terry Bisson

Zeiss Ikon Camera - an unusual old twin-lens reflex camera

Solar position - Altitude and Azimuth of the sun by location and time

Cats - pet photos

Dogs - pet photos

Annoying kitten meets kindly old dog
Chickens - pet photos

A fractal diagram : b = a * b * (1 - b)

Frog chorus - what I have to listen to when the frogs come out.

Gladstone Alumina Refinery - the red mud tailings pond can be seen from space!

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